Early Model 1100
Early Model 1100

Comtec Industries Ltd

Comtec Industries, a family owned company, was started in the early 1960’s as Component Technical Engineering Company (ComTEC) by Arthur Reilly. Initially, the company was a distributor of fittings used to construct hydraulic and pneumatic circuits as well as a technical consultant for the design of hydraulic and pneumatic circuits. 

Since our first pie press, sold in 1968, we have worked to create and innovate easy to use and reliable dough forming equipment. Here are some of the milestones in our journey.  




Model 1100 Dual
Model 1100 Dual

In 1968, Comtec sold its first pie press, the Model 1100. It was designed to be easier to use, more efficient, more reliable and safer than the pie presses that were on the market at the time. The Model 1100 pressed from the bottom up; the forming dies were completely water submersible; and the Model 1100 could sit on a counter top instead of the floor.


Model 1100PZ
Model 1100PZ
  • The Model 2200 – a machine built on the success of the Model 1100 that allowed a customer to press out a bottom shell and a cover crust in one cycle of the machine.
  • The Model 500 mini tart and pie press (discontinued)
  • The Model 1100 "Dual" side-by-side dual pie press (discontinued)
  • Comtec received USDA approval of the Model 1100
  • Forming dies that matched the deep scallops of a brioche pan
  • The "Minimatic" system of forming dies to press into 6 cup, 12 cup and multicup pans
  • The Model 1100PZ pizza press (discontinued)


Model 4400
Model 4400
  • The Model 4400 automated pie press (discontinued)
  • Forming dies to press into straight sided containers
  • Forming dies to press into a rectangular pan
  • UL listing of the Model 2200


Following Contours
Following Contours
  • NSF certification for the Model 1100 and Model 2200
  • Canadian UL certification for the Model 2200
  • Model 1100LP pie press with inline conveyor (discontinued) 


Sealing Tool
Manual Sealing Tool
  • Safety light barriers added to Comtec machines exported to EU countries and Australia.
  • Comtec acquired the Manual Sealing Tool products that we had been selling for years.


Model 2900
Model 2900
  • Model 2900 automated pie press.