Bottom Crust Die Sets

A Bottom Crust Die Set attaches to your Comtec® Machine and is what you would need to form dough in a container.

 With a Bottom Crust Die Set you can form dough in a pizza pan to a cake pan and just about everything in between.

A BCDS is made up of an upper half (or "Punch") and a lower half (or "Nest")

Comtec® makes every Die Set to fit the pans that the customer submits and to each customers specifications. That means that if your pan meets a few basic criteria, chances are that we can make a BCDS to form dough in it.

So if your pan .....

Is not made of a material that will easily shatter (like Pyrex or ceramic)

Is made reasonably well - the pans are the same size and shape from one to the next

Fits within the forming area of the particular machine (Model 1100/2200: about 12 inches/300 mm) Model 2900: about 10 inches/250 mm)

Is not too deep (Model 1100/2200: 2 inches/50 mm, Model 2900: 1.5 inches/38 mm)

... then there is a good chance that we can make a BCDS to form dough in your pan. It doesn't matter if your pan is round, square, heart shaped, etc. It doesn't matter if your pan is foil, paper, plastic, steel, etc. Even if your pan is a multicup pan, chances are we can make a BCDS for it.

Give us a call (630-759-9000) and we will be happy to discuss your dough forming needs with you.