Machine Mounted Crimping Die Sets

COMTEC® Machine-Mounted Crimping Die Sets crimp and trim like our manual crimpers but they allow you to customize the design of the crimp.

Any crimp design that we can make for our Bottom Crust Die Sets can also be used in our Machine Mounted Crimping Dies.

Like a Bottom Crust Die Set, the Machine-Mounted Crimping Die Sets consist of an upper half ("Punch") and a lower half ("Nest"). If you already have a Bottom Crust Die Set for the pan that you want to crimp, you can save some expense by using the Nest from the Bottom Crust Die Set and only ordering the Punch for the Crimping Die.

COMTEC® Machine-Mounted Crimpers:

  • Great when you want to personalize the look of your double crust pies
  • Great for higher volume double crust pie production
  • Great when you want the design to remain after the baking process