Comtec® dies can be manufactured with a variety of Rim Designs. The images below show some of the more popular designs.

Click on a picture to see a larger image of the various decorative edges. 

Don't see the Rim Design that you want? Give us a call. Depending on your needs, we may also be able do make a custom Rim Design for you.



Plain Rim

The PLAIN rim design is a very common and popular design. It is preferred by customers who dont want their pies to have a regular machine-made look,


Gear Rim

The GEAR rim design is one of the most popular designs. It is has been around for a long time and can be seen on many pies from many different manufacturers.


Rimless Rim

The RIMLESS rim design offers a refined look to your pastry. Reminiscent of european pastries, it adds a touch of class to (name pastry types)


Spider Rim

The SPIDER rim design has been around long enough that the origins of its name are not quite clear. Even so, it is a common and pleasing design


Daisy Petal Rim

The DAISY PETAL rim design is a popular design that adds a little more to the cost of a die but adds a lot of flair to the finished look of the pie.


Custom Rim

Comtec can also make custom rim designs.