Model 1100LP

The Model 1100 LP was made to provide an inline dough forming solution.

Model 1100 Dual

The Model 1100 Dual allowed for side-by-side pressing of two shells.

Model 1100PZ

The Model 1100PZ was made specifically for pressing pizza shells.

Model 4400

The Model 4400 was an early attempt by Comtec to make an automated dough forming press.

Model 500

The Model 500 was meant for lower budget production of small shells.

Square Bottom Crust Die Set

As early as the 1970s Comtec was making dies to press into non-round pans. In this case, the die set is pressing into a square paper pan.

Model 1100 circa 1968

The silhouette is still recognizable but a lot has changed on the Model 1100 since this 1968 vintage machine.

Scalloped Die Set

Comtec has made die sets that follow the scallops of a fluted pan (flan).

Multicup Die Set

Comtec has been making die sets for multicup pans since the late 1970's.