With a Comtec, a single operator can form 400 to 500 crusts per hour.

Let's face it. Comtec® machines aren't built to look sexy. They are built to be easy to use and easy to maintain.

  • Comtec® can make dies to form dough in a wide variety of pans (paper. plastic, foil metal and more).
  • Comtec® dies work with a wide range of recipes including, sweet dough, short dough, crumb dough and gluten free dough.
  • You can change production by changing forming dies. It only takes minutes to be up and running a different product
  • Comtec® Dies are completely water submersible. So you can soak them in a sink of water after production and clean them up with a soft brush. It's that easy!
  • Our presses are hydraulic and require very little operator strength to quickly produce perfect crusts.

So whether you are a corner bakery, farm stand, grocery store, restaurant, hotel, banquet hall, cruise ship, cafeteria even mid sized commercial bakery, chances are Comtec® has a solution to help with your dough forming needs.