Semi-automatic Presses

Comtec® entered the market by making simple, reliable, flexible semi-automatic dough forming presses. Our machines form a wide range of dough recipes and we make the forming dies to fit each customer specifications. It is what we started doing back in 1968 and what we still do today.

Our machines are semi-automated. That means that they take very little physical strength to operate - in fact you could activate the machines with pressure from one finger on each hand! Semi-automated also means that the machine does not run on a predetermined cycle. When you press on the Operator's Handles, the machine activates. When you release the Handles, the machine safely retracts back to its start position.

The core of our semi-automatic presses are the Model 1100 and the Model 2200. Both are equally capable machine that can form the exact same types of products. The biggest difference between them is that the Model 1100 has a single pressing area whereas the Model 2200 has two pressing areas (one above the other). That means that the Model 2200 is capable of forming two things each cycle of the machine (for example a Bottom Shell and a Cover Crust)  where the Model 1100 would take two steps (for example, first form the Bottom Shells, then change dies to form the Cover Crusts).

You can learn more about each machine by clicking on the appropriate link below.