What can a Comtec do?

You can make more than just pies! Tarts, cheesecake, hors douevers, cobblers, pot pies even small pizzas are all posible with a Comtec.

Comtec presses are good for forming more than just pie dough. In fact we do not require a specific dough recipe in order for the machine to press well. Beyond pie dough, our customers use our machine to form short dough, sweet dough, crumb dough, gluten free dough and a whole lot more. 

And you are not limited to traditional foil pie pans either. We can make dies to work with paper pans, plastic pans, steel and hard aluminum pans. We can make dies to press into pastry rings. We can even press into 6-cup or 12 cup pans all at the same time! You can see examples of this in our video gallery or our photo gallery.

Beyond dough recipes and pan types, you are also not restricted on the shape of your pan. Besides making dies for traditional round pans, we can make dies for square pans, boat-shaped pans, rectangular pans and more! Take a look at our video gallery or our photo gallery.

As a baker, you should only be limited by your imagination. At Comtec, we work to help make what you imagine a reality.