Crimping Tools

Whether or not you own a Comtec® machine, we offer a line of manual Crimping Tools to help you make double crust pies. 

The Crimping tools come in 8 stock sizes from 4 inch to 12 inch and work with most pie pans. Simply place the bottom shell in the stand; fill with the filling of your choice; lay a Top Crust over the filled pie; and press down with the Manual Crimping Tool. The Crimping Tool will seal the Top and bottom crust together and trim off any overhanging dough around the edge of the pie pan.

It really  could not be simpler! If you want to see a manual Crimping Tool in action, click the link below to go to our Video & Picture Gallery and watch either the Model 1100 demonstration video or the Model 2200 demonstration video.

If you do own a Comtec® machine and want more options in crimped pie edge design, contact Comtec and ask about our Machine-Mounted Crimping Die Sets. They work like the Manual Crimper by crimping and trimming off any excess. Click the link below to learn more about Machine Mounted Crimping Dies.